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Wednesday, 30 March 2011
100 things I'd like to do: @ Wednesday, March 30, 2011

   1. Have a Trip to the Seaside Redcar 01/05/11
   2. Visit Japan
   3. Finish working on my Website
   4. Update Blog at Least Once a Week
   5. Read Two Books Before Summer
   6. Get My Ear Pierced Again 08/05/11 ('Rook')
   7. Get A New Tattoo
   8. Become a Confident Driver 22/04/11 (Driving on my Own For Two Weeks!)  
   9. Save Monthly

  10. Buy More Original Artwork
  11. List Artwork on Etsy
  12. List Artwork on Folksy
  13. Show Work at Galleries around North Yorkshire
  14. Create A Portfolio of Illustration Work
  15. Contact Publishers For My Mucky Pup Short Story
  16. Sell All My Ebay Items
  17. Buy Another Pair of Tuk Shoes   26/08/11 (Kitty Leopard Print TUK Shoes..)

  18. Buy A Pair of Dr Marten Hello Kitty Shoes
  19. Visit Jo More Often In York
  20. Paint Black Wall Pink Or Green
  21. Collect A Cavey Every Month
  22. Buy A Cavey Pillow  (Received two pillows for my Birthday 22/08/11)

  23. Buy A Hula Hoop, and Hoop once a Week
  24. Take up A Social Art Event/Group
  25. Learn How To Screen Print
  26. Take More Photographs Every Week Taking photographs every day with The Bridge Gallery

  27. Re Upholster My Chair and Buffet
  28. Buy A Vintage Town Bike, and Go Cycling Bought a modern Bike (for now)
  29. Go to More Gigs
  30. Visit Cornwall
  31. Cover The Staircase Wall with Pictures
  32. Find A New Home
  33. Stay Positive and Keep Creative
  34. Enter Art Competitions
  35. Network On nearly every Social Media Site

  36. Participate in More Creative Events - Just For Fun 08-17/04/11 (Papergirl Leeds) 
  37. Buy A New Xbox Controller

  38. Pay My Dad Back
  39. Pay Matthew Back
  40. Get A DAB CD Radio For My Micra
  41. Fix Micra Window/Door
  42. Subscribe To My Favourite Magazine
  43. Buy More Art Books
  44. Visit More Galleries
  45. Be Thrifty..Go to Car Boots and Charity Shops
  46. Do Another Car Boot
  47. Listen To the Radio as Often as Possible - Kerrang
  48. Meet New People/Make New Friends
  49. Find An Art Group
  50. Buy Some Hello Kitty Headphones
  51. Get A Sewing Table/Cupboard
  52. Get A Cabinet For My Kitsch Collectables
  53. Hang Posters On My Wall
  54. Have A Picnic
  55. Be a Home Tourist and Visit Local Attractions More
  56. Purchase a Fish Eye Camera/Lens
  57. Go To A Zine Fair
  58. Go To A Vintage Fair
  59. Contact Arts Council, Empty Spaces
  60. Source Ink For Type Writer
  61. Buy A Small Caravan
  62. Go To London
  63. Visit Sister
  64. Spend Less Time On MSN
  65. Use My Nail Art Foils More
  66. Become More Confident in Myself
  67. Forget The Past
  68. Buy Mum A Large Scale Winstanley Cat Sculpture
  69. Visit A Zoo
  70. Buy Some Gerbils
  71. Be More Social In General
  72. Collect Old Mix Matched Frames
  73. Make Jewellery
  74. Make A Skirt
  75. Make An Apron
  76. Make A Peg Bag
  77. Watch Disney Classics
  78. Write To An 'Idol'
  79. Get A Pen pal
  80. More Illustration Swaps
  81. Keep Active (It's Working)
  82. Buy A Pink Rug
  83. Paint/Draw A Picture For Tordster
  84. Illustrate A Children's Book
  85. Update Artist C.V and Letter 02/05/11
  86. Go To The Hair Dressers For A Proper Trim
  87. Watch More Horror Films
  88. Go On Holiday
  89. Play Badminton
  90. Use My Wii More
  91. Go Camping
  92. See A Proper Musical
  93. Make Interesting Meals with The Recipes I've Collected
  94. Make Hair Grow Extra Long
  95. Cut Hair Into A Bob
  96. Start An Inspiration Journal 28/04/11
  97. Find A New Updated "Big" Dictionary
  98. Go Ice Skating
  99. Be Part of A Live Studio Audience
 100. Have A Stall and Promote My Work at An Art/Craft Fair

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Creative Practitioner based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Independent Artist & Illustrator (BA Hons), Previous Manager @ The Bridge Gallery, Owner of The Mucky Pup Gallery (@MuckyPupGallery)