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Friday, 22 April 2011
All Work (and Play)... @ Friday, April 22, 2011


So I wrote a list of '100 things I wanted to do', in a previous post. Well, one of the things was to update my blog once a week. It's actually a lot harder to do than I thought...I have recently been fairly busy and just can't find the time. I don't know how some of you manage to do it.

I have been focusing on a lot of other things, like taking part in the Papergirl Leeds exhibition. Which was so much fun. I popped down to Leeds, Test Space the other weekend to take a look. A big variety of work was on show, and I am so pleased I took part.

I have also been devoting a lot of my energy into my job. I work at a cute little Gallery in North Yorkshire, called The Bridge Gallery. It's fairly new to Bedale, but has already attracted a lot of attention. I really do love it there. We have such a great collection of Art, and also sell lots of Hand Crafted goodness..like Jewellery and the most adorable Teddy Bears.

Just in time for Easter, we have these funky Crochet Bunnies!! They all need a good home...

It's not all fun 'work' though...I am currently saving, what I can, for my own place. A proper home. Some cute little house somewhere. I recently viewed a couple of local places. I'm really leaning towards the older, 'loved' houses, one's which are full of character. Of course, this means that (mostly) they need a little bit of work. Structurally and well as cosmetically. I have already thought up colour schemes for potential rooms. Considering I haven't even bought a house, I am possibly a little ahead of myself.

I can't save enough to buy anywhere outright, I'm sadly not that flush. So I had a meeting at the Bank last week, with a mortgage advisor. It was interesting...They didn't say no, and a previous phone call to them a few days before seemed promising. So fingers crossed when it comes to the crunch.

I have also been driving, myself, alone..for the past two weeks. I am really proud of myself. I am allowed to say this because before, I wouldn't say I couldn't drive, as I have held a licence since 2005 (or so). I was just really scared. It sounds stupid, I know, but I was fine after I passed my test, then a lot of incidents happened. These incidents literally put me off driving. So because I wasn't driving, I got more and more nervous at the thought of driving. This all resulted in my car being scrapped by my Dad, which leads me to believe it wasn't that safe anyway....This didn't help my nerves! A few years on, University had come and gone and I was forced (due to many reasons) to venture back home, to live in Yorkshire with my parents. Hence I need my own place. Anyway..I now have a lovely little green Micra. It's taken some time, and effort on my Mum's part, but I'm driving. I'm not nervous, I know I'm not going to burst into tears should I stall, or not find the right gear. It's life, it happens. Every driver does those silly little things, I can accept that now.

All in all, I'm keeping busy. I find it's the best way for me. I have one of those personalities that leans towards sadness. It's not like I have a horrible life, it's just the way I am, a glass half empty type. My pessimism, I have recently learnt has come from my Dad. Thanks Dad. A lot has happened over the past few years, well more than a few. I have had a lot of relationship and life ups and downs (but who hasn't, right?) but I am trying to keep thinking positive. If you don't, you will only wallow in self pity. Which will grow into something much worse. So, I say, keep busy and active. Do what you love. Find friends with similar interests, you don't have to be clones..just to have the same sense of humour, it's magic. Try new things, don't be scared...I find if I want to go somewhere, but no one else can or will, then I go alone. I used to be one of those people who scoffed at the minions who sat alone in a coffee shop, but why? There's nothing wrong with that...I actually like my own company. Isn't that much better than needing someone with you constantly?

So there you have it. Trying to sort my life out, on all aspects is keeping my very busy. I've even been neglecting my 'work out' sessions. Something which I now regret. My self image is a topic for another day though!

I hope you are all well, and if you have managed to read through all of my ramblings you deserve a gold star.

For now, until next time... have a great day! ^_^*

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Creative Practitioner based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Independent Artist & Illustrator (BA Hons), Previous Manager @ The Bridge Gallery, Owner of The Mucky Pup Gallery (@MuckyPupGallery)