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Friday, 29 April 2011
What A Royal Week @ Friday, April 29, 2011

As you may have read somewhere, I work in a little gallery in North Yorkshire. So with all the hoop la surrounding the Royal Wedding, I decided to join in. I asked the Gallery director if I could make bunting to theme the gallery windows. Now I'm not a Royal family fan, I don't follow their every move..but it's not everyday there is a big event that the whole world joins in with, so I figured 'why not'.

So I set about making some fabric bunting.. my first ever attempt at bunting I might add. It took what seemed like forever, however I did spread it out over the week...I did have to work, eat, bath and sleep after all.

So here are the results:

What do you think?

I decided to do the typical flag shape. I also assumed it would be a little easier for a novice like me to work in a rectangle format rather than a triangle.

I used layers of polycotton fabrics to create the flag pattern. Then I used a white Silk Dupion fabric for the back, keeping it simple. It's not all perfect, or anywhere near.. but I like the shabby chic look. It's meant to look that way...(that's my story and I'm sticking to it). I made a fair few flag pieces, and realised it might be a little too busy for the eye, so whipped up a few plain rectangles to alternate in between each union flag piece.

After I had stitched the layers, then the backs, I simply attatched a blue ribbon to the tops of each flag, using a simple straight stitch. Leaving some space at either side, to attatch to the walls.

For finishing touches, I added some small blue and white beads to the ends. I was thinking 'that'll do' when I started tidying up, but I found a rather fitting button in my button stash. Yes, I'm a hoarder. The button instantly appealed to me, with its shiny golden tone. It also featured a small embossed crown design..so I had to incorporate it into my bunting. I figured it would show better on one of the plain flags. So attatched it by hand to the corner. It just adds something a little extra I think. I forgot to take a photograph though!

I had no real goal when making the Royal bunting, I just wanted to 'dress' the Gallery window. When the hype about the wedding fades, I think I will take the bunting down and keep it. I put a lot of work into it, and for my first attempt, I'm pretty pleased. Go me!

Here's a quick picture I took of the bunting on show:

Final thought? I have learnt sewing machines can be a nuisance, but making bunting 'Rocks'! ^_^*

I also made a few cupcakes to give out to any willing guinea pigs customers. Sadly they may taste fine, but I think they look a bit dishevelled. The frosting got too warm, so didn't pipe to well. What's that saying about a bad workman always blaming his tools?

I hope everyone has a great Bank Holiday, and if your loving the Royal Wedding stuff, enjoy Friday. If your not, it'll soon be Saturday!


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Creative Practitioner based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Independent Artist & Illustrator (BA Hons), Previous Manager @ The Bridge Gallery, Owner of The Mucky Pup Gallery (@MuckyPupGallery)