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Monday, 19 September 2011
How To Approach Galleries - Advice From Roo @ Monday, September 19, 2011

Approaching Galleries can take a lot of time, and research. Different Galleries will require different styles work. Ideally you want to build relationships with Galleries who stock similar types of Arts and Crafts.

First of all you should identify the type of Gallery you want to approach. For example are you trying to sell your work, or raise your profile. Remember, it is possible to do both. However, equally they both take time.

Ideally you should visit the Gallery and see if your style of work fits into their space. Cost is also an important factor. If the Gallery works on a ‘Sale Or Return’ basis, what commission do they take? ..and is this added to the retail price of your work? Some Galleries work with a ‘Hanging Space Agreement’, which is where the Artist rents a space within the Gallery for a small charge. Pricing is an important factor when considering which Gallery to approach. With our current climate, I recommend that Artists price their work lower, to gain interest and ultimately test the market…prices can be increased when demand increases. After all, would you rather only sell one piece? Or create on going relationships, which will in turn build a strong client base.

Maintain and revisit existing contacts, by joining a mailing list and attending Exhibition Nights. This process allows you to gain knowledge about the types of Artwork appearing in the Gallery and prepares you for possible future ventures.

So you’ve researched Gallery spaces, and have a short list of Galleries to approach…. Now what?


Most Galleries now ask for a few high quality JPEG images of your work via email, a long with an Artists’ statement. However it is advisable to check their website for submission enquiries.

Think about the information you are about to send…poor quality photographs will not show off your work to its fullest potential. Remember, we want to see actual pictures of your work, not just an up close shot. Equally don’t send too many images, five or six will do. On a day to day basis, a Gallery will receive many emails from potential Artists wishing to exhibit. So, be punchy and straight to the point.

Do not include images of work that is unfinished, no longer your current style, or sold.

I hope this Blog will prove useful to some of you… remember, Gallery staff do their very best to showcase and promote each Artists work. Respect.

Gemma (vintage_twinkle)
Manager, The Bridge Gallery

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Creative Practitioner based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Independent Artist & Illustrator (BA Hons), Previous Manager @ The Bridge Gallery, Owner of The Mucky Pup Gallery (@MuckyPupGallery)