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Tuesday, 20 September 2011
Writing An Artist's Statement @ Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Artist's statement is a short paragraph written by an Artist which provides insight into the Artists thoughts and visions in their artistic creations. Ideally it should enlighten and engage the viewer, who could be potential buyers, exhibition curators or even fellow Artists.

Typically the statement describes a single piece of Art or an entire body of work. It is not a resume or biography, the statement needs to be easily read and informative. It simply serves to add to the understanding of the Artist and their work. Ideally the statement should never be more than 100 words.

You could include:

...but why should you write an Artist's statement?

Generally people who love an Artists work like to know more about the Artist. Writing a statement will help with any questions a viewer has about your work. Having these answers means their interest could increase, and hopefully result in a sale. The Artist statement is effectively a marketing tool, building a connection between the Artist and audience.

Remember, the key for an Artist's statement is to be yourself. Keep the statement clear and concise and avoid a lot of Artist talk, as this can distance yourself from the viewer.

An Artist's statement could also open pathways to new ideas, that perhaps you hadn't thought of before. By putting your creative practice into words you may discover more about your Artwork.

So get out your pen and paper now... and have a go at writing your own Artist statement.

If you have any tips for writing an Artist statement let me know. What helped you create yours?

Gemma (vintage_twinkle)

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Creative Practitioner based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Independent Artist & Illustrator (BA Hons), Previous Manager @ The Bridge Gallery, Owner of The Mucky Pup Gallery (@MuckyPupGallery)